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If the mention of bass gives you goosebumps, then you already know that fall is the best time of the year to fish. It is the real deal. The temperatures have started going down but the rivers are still warm and low level. If you are sports fishing, with the best river bass fishing tips for fall, bragging rights are yours to take home. Fishing for food in fall will have your family loving you more. Do you know why? In fall, bass moves a lot and you are going to find them everywhere throughout the river. This is because they are trying to feed and stock up before winter renders them inactive. If you honed your skills fishing in a lake, then you should try the river this time. The level of water and current dictates where the fish are. Ready? Let’s go fishing and be ready to catch more big fish. Here is how;


1. Where



river bass fishing tips

Location is where the occasion is. Any journey without a direction is a lost one. One of the best river bass fishing tips for fall is knowing where to fish effectively. This will save your time in the river so that you can concentrate on licking your fingers later. Excited huh! In fall, the temperatures start to cool down and most bass fish will move to places with rocks and wood. This is because rocks and would retain heat for longer and warmth are key. They also break currents and accommodate schools of baitfish. A place with a vegetation cover along the river is also their chill stop. They get cover and enough oxygen. If you focus on these places, you are most likely to catch more fish than ever. Another tip is to look for stained water. Bass fish love to hide and they will stay away from the clear waters. They also move from shallow bays to main river habitat in fall. So what? Fish deep and catch largemouth bass in large numbers.

2. How



River bass fishing tips

Knowing how to fish isn’t only about knowing how to angle and position your bait in the water. No, it is a lot more than that. You could do that all day and still go home dry. So how do you fish in fall? The skill counts. Go out early to fish and in the afternoon when the fish go to rest, you could also hit the sack on a full stomach. Upstream is the goldmine. So always cast upstream.

River bass always faces where the river is flowing from so that they can get enough oxygen as the water flows over their gills. Wind is also your best friend during this season. Why? Easy. Wind churns up water and brings more baitfish to that area. Bass are clever and will, therefore, move to where the bait is. This is not rocket science, just follow the wind and you will find everyone there, ready to party.

One of the best river bass fishing tip for fall is to always be on the move. Everything is moving, so should you. The river is flowing, the baitfish are all over and the bass fish is following so don’t stay at one place courting the rocks, wood, and vegetation. If they don’t bite the bait, then probably they moved on before you did. Follow the bandwagon, and you will find yourself singing along. Never catch one fish and be satisfied. Bass move in schools, so if you find one, it is highly probable that there is more where that is coming from. But hey, know when to move on, don’t get high on the excitement and let them leave you there.

3. What

river bass fishing tips

Fishing is a game of baiting and catching. Unless there’s bait involved, fishing is no fun. What you have for bait will do the magic. Going for natural live bait will have more bass coming your way. So, stock up some minnows, Carolina rigs, jigs and three ways. If you run out of those, artificial bait also works well. Crankbaits, small worms, grubs, jigging spoons and blade baits will have the fish-loving you. The color of your artificial bait is very important, chrome or white will lure them more. Remember, the closer it is to be natural, the better the bait. Crayfish color is actually the best. Spinnerbaits work with the water flow, not against it. If you are used to fishing in the lake, you should know this. So cast your spinnerbait upstream, try this river bass fishing tips and let the water flow work your lure.

Bottom Line

When it comes to river bass fishing, God is in the details. Rivers are always changing in depth, rage, and cover depending on the season. These are the details that will tip the odds in your favor and give you more fish if you are keen. What are you waiting for? Get your tools ready and bring somebody along to watch your glory. These river bass fishing tips for fall will crown you the master this season. Let’s go!

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