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Fly fishing is a delightful sporting activity for both individuals and families. For those of you who enjoy the excellent fishing activity, you might want to try your hand at it, It is one of the best expeditions that promote bonding and relaxation. There are many places in the United States of America that are known to have fly fishing, Montana is however known to be one of the best fly fishing places there is. Here are some ten things you probably didn’t know about Montana fly fishing.



1)    Fishing weather


I am sure we all love a good sunny day for designated fly fishing. The best weather to do some fly fishing is during a cloudy, sometimes snowy and rainy days. This is because trout are known to have a bias towards darkness. They are known to feed after dark. Therefore, it is advisable to come out after nightfall or during cloudy days to fly-fish.


2)    Where to find more fish

Most of you have at least once experienced lousy fishing days where you stay at the river for hours without getting lucky. Here is a hint that might solve your “bad day” problems. When experiencing a bad fishing day, you might want to try the lower parts of the river and probably the big pools created by the river currents. When the fish are scarce upstream, try the exit of bear trap canyon, despite the high angling pressure this place has much fish.


3)    Unique rivers in Montana

Montana contains two mainstay rivers and some small, The Kootenai and the Clark Fork rivers are the pride of fly fishing. Other small rivers include Missouri and the Bitterroot River among other small ones. Each of these rivers has unique qualities that unique to them. For example, the Kootenai River contains the native redband rainbow trout and the bull trout. These fish change diet preferences depending on the climatic changes, they usually would feed on mayflies and caddis but as the summer deepens ants and hoppers get added to the diet.


4)    Montana Fly fishing schools

Many people learn fishing informally through apprenticeship, learning from their family. Montana has two schools that teach fly fishing, and these are; The Montana fishing guide school and The Montana women’s fly fishing school. These schools will ensure that you learn how to fly fish the correct way.


5)    Private water

During the summer holidays, the main rivers get crowded and busy. There is an option for fly fishing in private waters and spring creeks. This option assists in accommodating every customer. It is more of a bonding affair and is best done in private setting.

6)    Big fish


Montana fly fishing has entered in the top ten counties in the USA with the biggest brown trout. It has a record of being the ninth with a brown trout that was weighing 29 pounds. For those interested in catching big fish, Montana might just be the place you want.

7)    Best Fishing Spots

If you are new to Montana or fly fishing, in general, you might want to check out the following places that are known to be excellent spots to do fly fishing here in Montana. These sites are; Smith River, Boulder River, Firehole River, and Hyalite reservoir among many more.

8)    Fish diet

The flies hatch depending on seasonal changes. In March and April, the primary hatches are; blue-winged olive mayfly, midge, and western march brown, in May, June, and July the hatches include the little black caddis, grannom caddis, blue winged olive mayfly, pale morning dun mayfly and dry fly. In August September and October the hatches include the terrestrials (hoppers, ants, and beetles)


9)    World Class Lodging

Fly fishing in Montana is not complete until the aspect of accommodation is addressed. Montana has one of the best cabins in the USA. These world-class cabins and cottages are designed to offer the best services and to add the silver lining on your fishing escapades in Montana, the three main lodges around are Montana Lodging, Kootenai River Lodge, and Yaak valley cabin.

10)    Best places for dry Fly fishing in Montana

Dry fly fishing is arguably the epitome of fly fishing experience, This is because of the experience of seeing the fish rise and take the bait. The locations that offers are best for dry fly fishing in Montana include; The Ruby river during late winter, Rivers on the western part of the state during late March and early April and the Spring Creek during April and May.

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