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Do you have a bucket list? Lake Ontario fishing should be one of the items on the list. It is not only one of the biggest lakes in the world, but it is also a home to many fish and a beautiful scenery? If you are planning to try Lake Ontario fishing, here are the tips you need:

What Fish to Expect

Lake Ontario fishing will expose you to different types of Trout and Salmon. These include:

a) Chinook Salmon: If you want to sport fish, this will be your favorite. It is big enough and doesn’t give up without a fight. It moves to different parts of the lake as the weather changes. So, if you want to catch them, it is important to research their location first before you head out for Lake Ontario fishing.

b) Lake Trout: If you want something easy to catch without losing your mind, Lake Ontario will treat you to Lake Trout. They love cold water and therefore you will find them hiding close to the bottom especially when in summer; and, very shallow in winter. They are very predictable hence, all you need is some bait, knowledge about them and some skill. They make Lake Ontario fishing seem effortless.

c) Atlantic Salmon: They are few in number but you can be lucky.

d) Brown Trout: With good and bright colors of bait, you can easily catch the brown trout anytime; all you need to use is your eyes and a depth finder to know where they are and you will have a treat of Lake Ontario fishing.

e) Rainbow Trout: Compared to the other Salmons and Trout, you will find rainbow Trout closer to the surface. The best color of spoons to use is red and Orange.

f) Coho Salmon: They love bright colored baits and often move around the lake depending on the season. Once you master their behavior, you can easily catch them. They are quite big though.


lake ontario fishing


The Right Equipment and Lures

Yes, in as much as Lake Ontario fishing is enticing, if you are not used to a big lake you can be a bit scared. So you have to make sure that you are using a big boat that will stand the waves, have a depth finder to know how deep the fish could be, and a fish finder to ensure that you don’t spend your entire day without catching anything.

Just like any other fishing spree, you will need to have your bait right. Make sure the colors match what the fish like and very close to the native food. Plugs, spoons, flies, and peanuts of several colors will go a long way in making Lake Ontario fishing more successful. That way it will be easy to lure them. You could use down triggers, wireline, copper line, planer boards and Lead core.

The Best Time to Fish

Temperature is very important in lake fishing. Each type of fish in Lake Ontario has its favorite temperature and season. This is why you cannot catch them all at the same time. The best time to catch Chinook Salmon is in July, August, and September. Coho salmon are mostly caught in April, July, August, and September. Atlantic Salmons are rare and so catching them is always a surprise. Lake Trout are common in April, May, and June.

Whatever the season, there is always something to catch in Lake Ontario, all you need is the will, the right technique, skill, lures, and baits. If you are new in the region, you can easily ask the anglers around to help you with any information you feel will make Lake Ontario fishing more fun and doable.

Final Thoughts

As big as Lake Ontario is, the versatility of fishing comes with it. Lake Ontario fishing is an experience you don’t want to trade with anything. It is the destination and thrill that every angler should look forward to.

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