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Any angler knows how beautiful and rare Lake trout are. It is no wonder that most people would want to know how to perfect their game and master the skill of lake trout fishing. If that sounds like you, you are about to learn the tricks of lake trout fishing. Ready?

 Get the Tools Right

Your skill alone is not enough to make you a pro in lake trout fishing; having the right equipment also counts. So before you head out to the lake, make sure you have the following:

  1. a) Rod and reel: You will need this one to catch the lake trout fish. Make sure that you get a heavy rod if you are going to catch big and heavy fish but if it’s the normal size, a light action one will be easier for you.
  2. b) Perfect Bait: Lake trout fishing is never successful unless you have the perfect lure for the fish. First, you need to make sure that the bait you chose is as close as possible to what lake trout love to feed For instance, since they love native species, get a bait that looks a lot like native species. Use colorful artificial bait to attract them more like spinners. You can also go armed with live bait such as minnows, crawlers, and salmon. You will need to find out first from the local shop or fellow anglers what the fish in your region love to feed on so that you can get it right the first time.

 Get the Location Right

Location is everything if you want to succeed in lake trout fishing. The first place to think of is the North America lakes. Why? Because they love cold water. Once you are there, you have to find the deepest spots on the lake because they love staying in the cold and deep water.

If you spot a school of small fish, it is highly likely that you will find lake trout fish close nearby because they feed on the smaller fish. The small fish in the hand are mostly found where there is vegetation so just below them, your lake trout fish will be waiting for you.  Another place to look for them is where you can see ledges and drop-offs. Why? Because the water there is deeper and cooler.

If you are wondering whether to fish deep or shallow, just consider their favorable conditions and you will have your answer right there. The good thing about lake trout fishing is that you can do it all year round. When the temperatures are high in summer, the best way to fish is deep. Because they will move to the deep and cold regions of the lake to get away for the heat. In winter, you will find them very shallow because the ice will be at the top of the lake and the is the coolest spot.

Once you learn their hiding spots, lake trout fishing will be full of fun and winnings.

 The Right technique

Once you have your tools ready and know the right spots to catch lake trout, the next step would be to swing into action. You need to know how to use your tools to go home with any fish. If you want to know exactly how deep they are, you can use a depth finder to locate them in different seasons.

If you are using a boat in a lake with many fish, you could drop your line with spoon jig and some minnow then slowly pull it upwards to attract and catch lake trout. Make sure you shake it a bit so that your bait can look like if it is struggling.

If your fish are scattered in the lake, the best technique to use is trolling. Your spinning reel will come in handy here. Move your boat while using your depth and fish finder to locate the fish. Once you get the suitable spot use your tools and catch fish.

You need to be very alert to note any movement in your line so that you can know when the lake trout fish have taken a bite. Lake trout fishing requires all your senses, patience and speed to strike when the time is right.


If you know to fish all other fish, then lake trout fishing will not be hard for your once you know the techniques to use, the right locations and the perfect baits to lure them. Enjoy your fishing.

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