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When you are just new in the fishing scene, it can be confusing to know which tools to settle for. There will be days as a novice that you will also want to try something new and even with everything you know, you might find it hard to choose the perfect t reel.

… So, guess what? I will make that easier for you by giving you a walk through the reels.

There are two main types of reels on the market. There is the bait caster reels and the spinning reels. When choosing which type of reel to use, many factors have to be considered. The experience of the angler, the type of fish, the distance to be covered, and the accuracy of casting is among the main determining factors of this choice.

…Both types of reels have their advantages and disadvantages to being considered.

The bait caster reel

bait caster reel



The bait caster reel gives the angler a better fishing experience.

  • It has a high gear ratio (higher than the spinning reels) therefore has more power than its counterparts.
  • It can accommodate bigger lures and generally can be used to catch bigger fish than the other reels.
  • The bait caster reels provide the anglers with a larger degree of control. This is done in two main ways;

First, the angler is able to determine the distance to which the bait is to be projected to. Unlike the spinning reel that depends on the uncoiling of the spinning outfit, the bait caster reel line comes directly off the spool allowing a longer casting distance.

Second, the angler can determine the exact position to cast the bait by thumbing the spool during the cast. This is not possible with the spinning reel.

It is for these reasons that the bait caster reel has won the hearts of many experienced anglers.


Despite the numerous advantages;

  • The bait caster reel is one reel that is very hard to use, it requires a lot of patience in learning the skill on how to work it.
  • When using the bait caster reel, one will experience a lot more backlashes than the other reels.
  • It is an expensive reel costing more than what the other reels go for.

The Spinning Reel

bait caster reel




They are the most common type of reels see around, most favored by the beginner anglers because of its simplicity.

  • Working the spinning reel is quite simple, one needs to just pull the weight of the line by just spinning the reel handle.
  • This kind of reel rarely backlashes and therefore safe and easy to use.
  • It is an ideal reel for beginners. Spinning reels are highly compatible with smaller baits, and they use lighter lines than their counterparts.


  • It offers poor control and power of the reel to the angler.
  • It is only suitable for light baits and catching of light fish.
  • The spinning reels can cause the fishing rods to break.


When choosing an ideal reel for fishing one must carefully comb through the advantages and disadvantages of each before settling for one. The choice will mostly depend on one’s prowess and experience.  For the experienced anglers, the bait caster reel is clearly the best for you.

Quality bait caster reels

The market is flooded with different brands of bait caster reeds. Getting quality ones might sometimes seem daunting. Some of the proven bait caster reels include Abu Garcia Revo SX, Lew’s pro magnesium speed pool, Shimano Chronarch, 13 fishing concept A and Daiwa tatula.


The type of reel will give one an edge in their angling but the backstops at the angler’s skills. If you settle for bait caster reel, make sure to master your skill. Whatever you settle for, be sure that you can handle the cons and enjoy the pros.

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