3 Important Details That Will Make your Lake Trout Fishing More Successful

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Any angler knows how beautiful and rewarding it is catching Lake trout. It is no wonder that most people would want to know how to perfect their game and master the skill of lake trout fishing.

Lake trout are native species in North America and Alaska but were introduced as non-native species in other parts of the United States. Montana is another excellent place to find native trout, such as rainbow trout and cutthroat.

Contrary to other species like walleyes affected by the cold, lake trout are very active during cold weather.  You can catch Lake trout all year round. However, the best time to fish lake trout is in the spring,  fall, and winter when the water is colder.

When it comes to lake trout fishing, one common question is, “what’s the best way to catch lake trout?” If that sounds like you, you are about to learn the tricks of lake trout fishing. Ready?

The best way to catch lake trout is to use a 6′ light action spinning rod or baitcasting rod with a jig and lures that imitate baitfish such as crankbaits. These lures’ erratic motions, which mimic wounded baitfish, are known to catch lake trout easily.

Here are the main points in this article:

What is the best fishing gear for lake trout fishing?

How do you find lake trout?

What’s the best way to catch lake trout?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best fishing gear for lake trout fishing?

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 Rod and reel:

You will need this one to catch the lake trout fish. For most lake trout fishing, a light action rod will be easier for you to handle. I recommend a 6″ spin-casting or spinning rod with a  4-6 pounds monofilament line, which will create less friction with the water. However, if the lake you are fishing is known to have huge trout make sure that you get a heavy rod. For hook size, I recommend a size 8 or 10.

What is the best bait for lake trout?

Lake trout fishing is never successful unless you have the perfect bait for the fish. First, you need to make sure that the bait you chose is as close as possible to what lake trout love to feed on.

For instance, since they love native species, get a bait that looks like the baitfish they are feeding on. Use colorful artificial bait to attract them more like spinners, worms, power bait,  jerk baits, and jigs with a large presentation.

You can also go armed with live baits such as minnows, nightcrawlers, worms, and salmon.  Minnows are the go-to live baits, but you will find success with the other ones as well. Find out first from the local shop or fellow anglers what the fish in your region love to feed on so that you can get it right the first time.

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How do you find lake trout?

Location is everything if you want to succeed in lake trout fishing. Lake trout like an environment that offers protection from predators, so look at vegetation and submerged tree trunk to find them.  

In the summer months, you have to find the lake’s deepest spots because lake trout love staying in the cold and deep water.

If you spot a school of small fish, you will likely find lake trout fish close nearby because they feed on the smaller fish. The small fish like to congregate where there is vegetation, so just below them, your lake trout fish will be waiting for you.

 Another place to look for them is where you can see ledges and dropoffs. Why? Because the water there is deeper and cooler.

If you are wondering whether to fish deep or shallow, consider their favorable conditions, and you will have your answer right there. The good thing about lake trout fishing is that you can do it all year round. All you have to do is to adjust your fishing techniques to catch them according to the season.

Like we mentioned about the most challenging time to catch lake trout is in the summer. When the temperatures are high in summer, the best way to fish is deep because they will move to the deep and cold regions of the lake to get away from the heat.

You will find them in very shallow water in winter because the ice will be at the top of the lake and the coolest spot.

Once you learn their hiding spots, lake trout fishing will be full of fun and winnings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of day to fish for lake trout?

Lake trout do not like bright light because their pupils can not dilate, so the best time to fish them is early in the morning and late in the evening, especially during the summer months.  A full moon at night or a cloudy day is also an excellent time to go trout fishing

What colors do lake trout like?

Because lake trout hang in the lake’s deeper part with low light, it is important to use bright color lures. Colors that work well for lake trout fishing are chartreuse, blue, silver, and bright white.

Can you catch lake trout from shore?

Even though lake trout stay in the deeper part of the lake, it is still possible to catch them from the shoreline. Trout move around to look for food and, in the spring, to move to shallow waters to feed.

A couple of useful lake trout fishing tips from shore:  

Look for an area where they can hide, such as vegetation, or logs, natural dropoffs, and ledges because of the cooler water.

The second tip is to follow where their food sources are, such as insects, worms are abundant.

How do you catch lake trout in the summer?

To catch trout in the summer, you will need to have the right gear and techniques. Trout are cold-blooded animals, so they like cooler water, which they find by going deeper in the lake. The first thing is to use a fish finder will help you find them.


Lake trout fishing will not be hard if you use the tips we have provided in this article.  Remember to use a  6′ light action rod with either live baits such as minnow, nightcrawler, or lures. Jig and crankbaits are the ideal lures to catch lake trout.

Also, fishing with small lead weight and bobber are the most straightforward fishing techniques for the beginner. Look for vegetation, dropoffs, or ledges, as trout will usually hang there.

 Finally, fish early or late in the evening when they are more active, and the best seasons are Spring, Fall, and Winter.

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