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When you walk down the aisles of your local fishing store or a big sporting good, you will be amazed  at the hundreds of fishing hooks on the wall and probably wonder, “What are the best hooks for bass fishing? ” Using the correct hook is critical to catch that monster bass you always dreamed of.

The expression “best fishing hook” has, for a very long time, been a misnomer. The truth is there is no such thing as an overall best fishing hook as there are unparalleled advantages in the diversity of the different types of fishing hooks. Each type carries a peculiar quality that makes it the best for a specific kind of fishing.

Anglers, whether newbies or even seasoned ones, have always had different opinions on this matter. Some subscribe to the thought of one fishing hook being better than the rest, while others maintain that all have something unique to offer to the whole fishing experience. I belong to the latter group.

So what is the best fishing hook for Bass?

The circle hook is the favorite for bass fishing because it increases the hooking percentage tremendously.

The main points that I’ll cover in this article

  • Fishing hook Anatomy
  • How do you know what size fishing hook to use?
  • What are the best hooks for bass fishing?
  • Top 5 best hooks for bass by brand
  • Frequently asked questions

Below is a small list, though not comprehensive, of the best fishing hooks for Bass commonly used with their unique “best” qualities. Before you engage yourself in a never-ending argument with your fishing buddies on which is the best, you might want to go through this list and remember the best fishing hook is chosen according to the type of fish, technique, and kind of water.

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Fishing hook Anatomy

A typical fishing hook has these seven parts which are:

FishHookAnatomy min
  1. Eye: Where you connect the line or lure
  2. Shank: The connection between the eye and the bend
  3. Bend: the curve of the hook
  4. Barb: It keeps the fish from unhooking from the hook
  5. Point: This is the sharp point that penetrates the mouth of the fish
  6. Gap: The distance between the point of the hook and the shank
  7. Throat: The distance between the bend and the point of the hook

How do you know what size fishing hook to use?

It may sound confusing, but the higher the hook number, the smaller it is. Sizes start from 32 to 0. Then as they get larger, you will see 1/0 (one aught) all the way to 20/0 (twenty aught).

When purchasing a hook, one thing to keep in mind is that the same size varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so a size 2 Gamakatsu may not be the same for Mustad.

For heavy-duty use, manufacturers use the “X” factor to designate the weightiness of the hook. This kind of hook is used for fishing muskies or catfish.

If you are going after larger fish such as pike, striper where you have to use larger baits, you need a big hook with a large gap, bend, and shank to accommodate the larger bait.  Conversely, your hook should be of more delicate wire if you are fishing for smaller fish where you need to use smaller lures and lighter lines.

If you are going after smallmouth bass and largemouth, the ideal sizes are 4,2,1 1/0 to 6/0.

What are the best hooks for bass fishing?

Treble hook

fishing hook

I honestly love this hook. For those of you who do not know what a treble hook is, it is a fishing hook with three sharp ends. Think of it as an anchor of sorts, only much smaller and having three points. It has a beautiful design and, most importantly, unparalleled performance when it comes to topwater lures, crankbaits, and hard jerk baits. Anglers use it also for threading minnows when trolling for salmon or trout.

 Its three points design leaves no chance of missing the fish. Each hook is furnished with a barb to prevent the fish from yanking out of the hook. Its versatility makes it one of the best fishing hooks on the market.

Bait Hooks 

fishing hooks

These fishing hooks are the most popular ones, and they have different styles and designs. Unlike the treble hooks, bait hooks have only one point. Various designs have emerged for the same. Some have barbed shafts to secure the bait and also prevent the fish from slicing through.

They come in many sizes, with modifications on the size of the shaft, bend, and bite throat to suit your needs. Larger ones are used when targeting bigger fish.

Circle hook


From the name, you can already tell that the hook has a circular appearance. It looks like a baited hook with a more elongate shaft and a larger bend, and a narrower gap. The point is facing inward, which allows the hook to be stuck in the fish’s jaw. The design of this particular hook makes it very ideal for live bait.

The circular nature, the barb, and the narrow makes it harder for the live bait to escape. The bend provides a steady hookup. They are guaranteeing close to zero loss of baited fish. Circle hooks, however, require a slightly different technique than the other fishing hooks.

Circle hooks are excellent when fishing for large fish such as pike, stripers, black drum, tuna, and catfish.

Lately, it has become very popular with bass fishermen who practice catch and release because when it is swallowed by the fish, it will not result in “gut hooked.”

Worm hook


The work hook has a unique design. It has a wide base with a bent shaft near the eye. The wide base provides enough clearance for hooking the fish, therefore better penetration.

The bend on the shaft just before the eye secures the fish between the point and the shaft. Its design confers strength and resilience to the hook. The worm hook is an ideal hook for soft plastic lures allowing a better profile presentation.

Octopus hook

This hook is built especially for the finesse technique of drop shot fishing. It is a lightweight hook that can also fish with live baits.  For fishing live minnows and salmon eggs for trout, a size 10-6 will do the job, and for cut bait, eels, and clams for striped Bass, you can choose from  5/0 to 8/0 sizes

Top 5 best hooks for bass by brand



  • Size range: 1/0-10
  • short shank
  • Fewer deep hooked fish
  • Mustad wire technology
  • A sharper point that increases  penetration



  • Lighter and 20% stronger than the competitors
  • Great to catch Sailfish, Wahoo, Amberjack, small Tuna, Permit, or Striped Bass.


It doesn’t work well with bigger baits



  • Type: Octopus hook
  • Made with high carbon steel
  • Size range: 1/0 – 6/0
  • Designed with 2 Baitholder Barb



Two baitholder

Great to catch fresh water and saltwater fish likePike, Salmon, Bass, Shad, Herring, Muskie, Crucian, Pickerel, Snappers.


  • They bend easily
  • Barb too small

Owner’s Mutu Light Circle Hook  


  • Size range:  7/0-1
  • Light wire
  • Super sharp needlepoint



  • Great to use with fluorocarbon line
  • Target fish redfish, flounder, trout,
  • The point quickly penetrates everything


Easy to bend because the wire is too light

Trokar Lazer 2X Treble KAHLE   


  • 14 Hooks per package
  • Bolstered wire diameter



Super sharp hooks

  • Surgically Sharpened
  • Strong hook
  • Good price

Gamakatsu Octopus Hook 


  • Size range: 1/0- 8
  • High carbon steel
  • Closed eye
  • Forged steel
  • Barbed



  • Significantly increase your chances of Landing the catch
  • Great for ice fishing
  • Saltwater hook
  • Target fish salmon,
  • Very sharp


  • They are not durable
  • More expensive than other brands

Frequently Asked Questions

Do circle hooks catch more fish?

Circle hooks are an effective hook that can help you catch more fish because the circular design increases the hooking percentage. When the fish swallows the bait, and when you pull the line, the hook will slide forward until it reaches the fish’s mouth, where it will lodge in the side of its mouth.

What is the best saltwater fishing hooks?

The circle hook is still the favorite hook for saltwater fishing presentation—the Trokar Lancer from 5/0 to 7/0 is widely used. Remember, you always want to match your hook size with the size of your bait.

What size circle hook for Bass?

For smallmouth bass, the best sizes are 2, 1, 1/0 & 2/0, and for largemouth bass, it will be 4, 2, 1 1/0 to 6/0. Keep in mind, however, that the sizes vary by brand.

What size hooks for striped Bass?

A lot of anglers are having success with 5/0 & 6/0 Trokar circle hooks. However, if you are fishing in Maryland, it is suggested to use 8/0 or 9/0 circle hook sizes


With what I have discussed in this article, I hope that picking the best fishing hooks for Bass in your situation will be easier. Working with different hooks is more like wearing clothes. There is no one particular one for every body type and every weather.

Picking up the right hook is one of the many challenges that a beginner angler will face. You need to know what type of fishing techniques to use to catch your first fish.  These are some of the challenges that beginners face.

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