Best Time of Day to Catch Bass That Are Ready To Bite!

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There is nothing more frustrating than gearing up for fishing , then you miss to go home with a catch. Well, it’s until I discovered that there are specific times of day when you could make a really good catch that I stopped being disappointed. In this article. I’ll be sharing tips on what time is best for bass fishing.

So, what is the best time of day to catch bass? The perfect time to catch bass is during the late evenings, from two hours before sunset until dusk and early in the morning from dawn up to two hours after sunset. This time is perfect because the reduced-light conditions often give bass better ambushing opportunities and a big hunting advantage over their prey. 

However, the time differs during different seasons. For instance, the best time of day to catch bass during winter is midday and late afternoons when the air temperature is warmest. Summer nights are also better for bass fishing as they offer cooler temperatures of water and low light. Read on to find out the best time of day to catch bass under various conditions.

Tips For Catching Bass at Different Times of Day

Morning Bass Fishing

Most anglers know that the best time to fish bass is in the morning, but why is this the best time of day to catch bass? In the morning, bass are less affected by direct sunlight, and the water is also cool. This is the time when they are roaming in search of food and stray far from the shaded cover.

Bass will also have spent the whole night eating little to no food, and thus they will be eager to feed. 

When fishing for bass in the morning, the most common baits you can use are craw presentations or baitfish presentations. Avoid using frogs as baits, and instead, consider using worms, swimbaits, squarebills, drop shots.

If you are looking for a bigger bass in the morning, nothing beats a big swimbait crawled along the bottom or a jig.

Here are some of the tips that you can use when fishing bass in the early hours of the morning:

Fish Near The Bottom

During the morning hours, bass feed on craws and baitfish down near the bottom of the water column.

For greater success, avoid frogs, as you will be much better off fishing on the bottom with ned rigs, drop shots, or squarebills in shallow waters.

Take Advantage of Hungry Bass

A good angler knows that bass is hungriest in the morning than it will be later in the day. Since bass can’t catch or find food at night, they will try to feed opportunistically, and their first meal of the day is usually at first light. Ensure you are there with good bait and ready to make a catch. 

Use Craws or Baitfish

In the morning, bass are hooked on baitfish and craws. Instead of using frogs commonly eaten in the afternoon, throw a natural colored baitfish or craw.

You can also partner with your morning lure selection of crawfish and whatever dominant baitfish dominates your water. However, if your waters have trout or kokanee, you can use them as they are the bait big bass will hit on aggressively.

Midday  Bass Fishing 

Most anglers tend to fish bass early in the morning and in the evening because it’s unlikely to have any luck fishing during the middle of the day. But, if you go about it with intention, armed with the right bait and lure, fishing bass at midday can be successful.

For midday bass fishing, you require a more finesse-approach to fishing than other times of the day. You can still catch some of the biggest bass during this window because big bass fish usually take advantage of full-sunlight to locate better and attack their prey.

The main trick is to use more realistic baits as bass can better see them and slow your approach way down. You have to identify key covers such as rocks and logs to start dropping jigs and soft plastic baits alongside their cover areas. 

How Do You Catch Bass During The Day?

You can fish bass during the day, although most anglers prefer to do it at dawn or dusk. However, it is difficult as the light penetrating is more, the lakes are not quiet, and most importantly, bass are not on the feed. 

Here are some of the tips you can use for catching bass during the day;

Find Some Brush

Bass take up deep brushes as one of their top destinations for hiding. They get buried in the brush and hunker down in its safe confines until everything calms down.

You may need to use electronics to locate the brush.

Go and Finesse

During the day, bass enter a period of inactivity. Try using finesse fishing presentations with something like a small jig, drop shot, or a shakey head. This will pique their interest, allowing you to draw some strikes.

Fish Thoroughly

Bass may be unwilling to chase your bait during the day. Always ensure that you thoroughly cover each piece of structure from multiple angles and with multiple casts.

If you are lucky to make a catch, concentrate on that area as feeding activity from one fish can convince others to feed even if they are inactive.

Catching  Bass in the Evening 

The evening is an opportune time for bass fishing, especially until dusk. It’s usually game time for most anglers as it is considered comfortable, and the fishing can be quite productive. The reduced light and cooling temperatures make the bass more likely to come out from cover and attack the bait on your lure.

An important thing to note, bass doesn’t feed a lot at night. They will be aggressively trying to fill their bellies in the evening or wait until morning to feed again. You will constantly see the most blowups in the evening at the surface of bass chasing shad.

Some of the baits that you can use in the evening include using frogs. You can as well throw crankbaits, spinners, and jerk baits. If you are a fan of bottom fishing, you can do well with jigs or finesse shaky heads.

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Fishing for Bass in Ponds Vs. Rivers 

Fishing in ponds can give you the best results when done in spring or fall. This is because bass prefers to look for shallow areas during spawning as they require a temperature of about 10 degrees to spawn. 

Fall is; however, their feeding season awaiting winter, which makes it a good season to go pond fishing.

Fall and summer also present a prime time to fish bass in rivers, and I can tell you for a fact that rivers offer the best fishing during falling water levels. 

A falling river makes it easy to locate bass since the fish congregate more along structures near the deepest waters available.

Summertime Vs. Winter Fishing for Bass 

Wondering when to go bass fishing; summer or winter? Well, summer is the best season to catch aggressive bass as the hot waters and bright light conditions force them to be under the shade. 

Most bass often will feed near the bottom as under the shade, there is dim light and cool water. 

Use craw patterns and baitfish as your lures during this season. You can also use a slow-moving jig or swimbait if you want to catch monster bass.

During winter, most anglers don’t go to catch bass in the morning but rather in the afternoon. The best winter bite will come during the late afternoon when the waters have been warmed up, and there is still sun penetrating the waters. However, you can still get some bass if you finesse. Your perfect bait will, however, be Ned rigs and drop shots during winter.

What Month of the Year is Best for Bass Fishing?

You will find bass fishing very successful in October. During this time, bass remain shallow for long, and you are most likely to find them in laydowns, wooden docks, and around stumps.

They usually eat minnows as they are the only food left in this period. For an easy catch, ensure that your lure or bait mimics a minnow.

Recommended Baits to Use 

Picking the right lure before going for bass fishing can prove a challenge as there are so many lures you can use. 

Here are some of the best baits for bass fishing: 

  • A stick bait
  • Curl Tal Grub
  • Square Bill Crankbait
  • Spinnerbait
  • Skirted Bass jig
  • Lipless crankbait
  • Tube bait
  • Finesse worm
  • Topwater frog
  • Jerk bait
  • Swimbait


Throughout the year, the best time for bass fishing is around dawn and dusk. In late spring, fall and summer, focus on dawn hours up to 8 am and 6 pm until dusk. 

You can also focus your fishing efforts around midday for bass during the late winter, fall, and early spring.

So, now that you know the best time of day to catch bass,  gear up and get those fishing baits and lures and catch some bass.

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