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Do Fish Eat Seaweed?

For many types of fish, YES seaweed provides a meal as well as a place to live in. While there are carnivore fish that eat only meat, omnivorous and herbivorous species will eat nori or kelp and other types of seaweed.  A majority of a fish’s time is spent looking for something to eat, and …

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Lake Ontario Fishing

Are you a seasoned angler looking for a challenge? Fishing King Salmon in Lake Ontario can give you the thrill of a lifetime.  Lake Ontario fishing should be one of the items on your list if you want to test your fishing skills. It is not only one of the biggest lakes in the world, …

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Basic Gear For Offshore Kayak Fishing

Looking to take your Kayak fishing skills offshore? Be sure to have these essential items with you out on the water! Check out our Kayak Fishing Gear here: …

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