What Is Powerbait & How do you use it?

Have you been through an angler’s equipment storage facility, or come across their packing list? Then you’ve probably come across the word powerbait, and the question remains what is a powerbait and what is it used for?

A powerbait is a synthetic bait that is used for catching trout but also works well for catching bullheads, catfish and bass. It closely resembles dough and you can easily mold it into little ‘dough balls’ with your fingers.

In this article, we’ll discuss more on powerbaits, including; what it is made of, why it’s effective for fishing, whether it’s toxic to both humans and the environment, and whether you can make your own powerbait.

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What is Powerbait Made of?

As same as most cases of the plumbing in your house, all powerbaits are PVC-based. The PVC is heated and mixed with the resin until something like a dough forms. Afterward, you can add coloring, scent, or even some glitter flecks to the bait to make them more appealing to the fish.

You need not worry as you can choose the colors and flavors of your choices with ease as they are limitless. It features excellent artificial  ingredients that make them appear similar to what fish naturally eat.

Are Powerbaits Effective In Fishing, and Why Are They Popular?

Yes, they are effective in fishing, and this can only be explained by the fact that the use of powerbait amongst many anglers has increased over the years. 

So, what’s behind their popularity and why I’m going to explain in depth some of the reasons that make the use of bait in fishing so effective.

Excellent Floating Ability

This is great news, especially to anglers fishing in an area with a weedy bottom. Since most fish will be cruising just above the weeds for food, you can consider creating a rig that will place your bait above the weeds.

Easy to Use and Store

Unlike live baits, which can be fiddly and messy, powerbaits are known to cause less mess. It is nicely packaged, giving it the perfect fit for your finger. The package is in an easy-to-store jar of dough that doesn’t stick, and you don’t need to worry about the smell as you can get rid of if you wash it before leaving the lake.

Stocked Trout Love It

Powerbait works well for trout because it actually mimics what they usually feed on. While most baits will be ignored by the fish, powerbaits hardly go unnoticed. 

It Doesn’t Cost Much

If you compare the price of a powerbait to other baits, you’ll realize that it’s relatively cheap. For instance, a jar of salmon eggs will cost more than $5.50, whereas you can buy a pot of powerbait at $3.50.

It’s good value for money, and besides the prices illustrated above, the jar of powerbait is expected to last you for several fishing trips.

It’s Effective

Having used it for several years, I can say that powerbait is effective because it simply works. They are most effective when fishing for trout because they tend to be enticed easily due to the bait’s appearance.

You should note that trying different colors of powerbait on various species of fish, time, and weather of the day you are fishing are essential factors determining your success rate. So, it’s worthwhile investing in many colors as your success rate is increased.

Using Powerbaits to Ensure a Successful Fishing Expedition

How to Use Powerbait

Powerbaits come in different forms and can be used in other circumstances. So as long as you’ve chosen the right powerbait for you, using it is as easy as making your rig and casting it. 

So the first step obviously is to choose the type of bait. Here, you’ll decide whether you are using the trout dough,  powerbait eggs or worms, and whether you’ll go with trout nuggets. You also need to choose the color and scent that perfectly works for you.

Secondly, you should make and bait your rig. Here, you’ll go with a lightweight reel, rod, and line for your rig. You should then insert the end of your line into a sliding sinker and pull it through.Add a snap swivel to prevent the rope from getting tangled, then finally attach a small hook to the end of your leader line.

The last step in casting your rig. If you are going to fish for trout, consider throwing your rig in the early morning or dusk. Make sure you release the rig in calm waters and let it sink to the bottom.

Is Powerbait Toxic to Humans?

If you are a first time angler, then you are probably wondering if powerbait is toxic to humans. 

Well, the answer is no. It will not in any way harm you should you decide to eat the catch. 

Although it’s safe, it’s not advisable to eat powerbait, since it’s made from PVC, and well, we all know that PVC isn’t very safe for humans

So, when prepping the fish for cooking, do a thorough cleaning job ensuring that no dough balls are left behind on the meat.

Is Powerbait Toxic to Fish?

Besides fishing for food, I do love sport fishing and I understand that is a great concern for anglers and environmentalists like me who care about future fish populations.

Well, according to my research, powerbait has proved to be very much safe for fish. The oil used in preparing powerbait scent is precisely identical to what many people use when feeding their fish in hatcheries. This is probably why one is likely to succeed when fishing using powerbaits in stocked lakes.

Although powerbait doesn’t seem to cause harm to fish directly, it has no nutrients, so if that’s all they ate, it can still make them sick.

Can You Make Powerbait at Home?

Making your powerbait at home can prove to be an arduous task. This is because it took almost two decades for powerbait to be developed and perfected; hence replicating its formula is hard.

 This, however, does not mean that you cannot whip your unique dough bait. You can actually do a quick search on dough recipes online and choose one with readily available ingredients, keeping in mind that they may not be as effective as powerbaits.

Although some homemade powerbaits are effective, most of them will not last long or float well on water. You can consider adding custom scents to them as it’s a fun way of developing your fishing weapon. 

In my personal view, I love the no-mess cleanup of powerbait, and I find making my own powerbait to be quite inconveniencing, and let no one lie to you, you won’t save much making your own bait. It’ll just take up your time and won’t yield the same results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Powerbait to Float?

The main reason why powerbaits float is because water is denser, meaning that the amount of water displaced by the powerbait weighs more than the powerbait itself. 

It’s worth noting that it depends on the type of pound test line you are using, as the line can make the powerbait sink in some circumstances.

Using something around 6lb is considered okay. For your powerbait to sink, you should add a very small sinker or a small split shot.

How Can I Loosen a Powerbait That Has Hardened?

Unfortunately, powerbait dries up if you don’t leave its lead closed correctly. If this happens to you, you just need to add an attractant, any will do, then place it in a plastic bag and tie the mouth of the bag, or zip it up. 

Now you can start to work it with your fingers, and this will bring back the moisture, making it firm back up into putty.

Always keep powerbait in air tight bag as doing the reverse will cause it to dry up since it’s made from PVC and oil resin,

What Fish Can You Catch Using powerbait?

Although powerbait is most suited to catch wild trout, it can also catch other species of fish. The most common examples include small bass, bullheads, catfish, yellow perch, bluegill, and crappie. 

Where Can I Use Powerbait?

Powerbait can also be used in several settings, whether in a lake or a pond,and you can be confident that it’ll still deliver as expected. 

Like other mainstream fishing baits such as cheese, corn, and bread, power baits are perfect, and you are guaranteed of making a catch.


For years now, powerbait is among the best, most effective, and popular baits for fishing. Whenever you are headed for trout fishing, always carry jars of powerbaits as you are almost assured of a good catch, especially in stocked lakes.

Powerbaits are more effective compared to other traditional baits such as salmon eggs. Its non-toxic nature to both humans and fish makes it perfect for fishing and you can still eat fish caught by powerbait provided you clean it thoroughly.

Powerbaits are reliable as they’ll last you long and they are pocket friendly.

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