Why are Bass the Most Popular Fish?

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Bass fish are undoubtedly the most popular fish amongst anglers, but do you ever wonder why? When I go fishing with my kids, they always want to know why I prefer bass over other types of fish. ‘Like really, what’s all the hype paps?’

So why are bass the most popular fish? Bass fish are the most sought gamefish by anglers since they can survive almost anywhere where they are stocked. They are also aggressive, hard fighters, and a widely distributed gamefish that bite a wide range of lures, making them perfect for sport fishing.

In this article, you’ll learn more about why bass are the most popular fish for both anglers and sports fishers.

What Contributes to Bass’ Popularity?

Angling Events

If you’re an avid angler, then you are familiar with the weekend casual angling opportunities. These events are held every weekend, and fishing enthusiasts from all over the country meet at one place to enjoy fishing, having a drink, or two, just like a campfire event. These have further built this fish’s popularity. 

Nature and Temperament

Bass tend to be territorial, and you’ll find them a bit vicious, especially during the spawning season, making them a more exciting fish to go for. They are also an unpredictable fish species, making anglers dedicate their skills to them for each bite they earn. When fishing bass, you don’t have to wait for long hours to get your first bite; they are curious, and this puts them right on your lure or bait. 


One of the most common reasons why many people are attracted to bass fishing is because of the thriving and large community of bass anglers across the United States. Most people enjoy the fun in competitions, and attending these competitions keeps any angler interested in this type of fish. You ought to try it yourself to really understand why people love bass fishing.

Why Bass Fishing is Great for Beginners

Well, bass fishing is not as hard as it sounds and pretty much a great catch for beginners. Having them fight you for long is not only thrilling but rewarding once you are able to make a catch successfully.

Bass fishing can be great for beginners if they use the best bass fishing lures. Here are some of the best lures that can make a bass fishing beginner experience great:

Topwater Poppers

One of the most difficult challenges any beginner can face with this lure is being patient when setting the hook. Nevertheless, a topwater lure is fun to fish with. It will be a great angling experience for beginners if a big bass blows up your topwater lure.

Always consider aiming it away from overhanging vegetation and target submerged vegetation. By this, they will avoid snags giving you a perfect time with the lure.


Spinnerbaits are considered to be one of the best lures. They are also effective for all first-time anglers. If the conditions are appropriate, sniper bait will catch fish once cast and retrieved.

They give no room for tricky techniques or presentations. Their design and shape also provide them from snagging easily. This ensures that you can fish for more than 10 minutes at once without a problem.


Every bass fishing beginner can achieve success with jigs. They don’t snag on obstacles at the bottom of the lake. This is actually why experienced anglers often go for jigs whenever they are fishing on the heaviest cover.

However, beginners often struggle to detect strikes and set the hook when using a jig. This doesn’t make it bad but great as everything else about these baits can give a beginner the best angling experience ever.

Does Bass Taste Good?

The taste of bass can vary by nature. Since we people are also different, the way people feel about bass differs from person to person. They often offer a rich flavor to any meal though that can vary due to the different species and other ingredients you can use to cook bass.

Bass offers white meat with a mild, delicate flavor similar to grouper or cod. Its flesh is buttery, tender, and moist, with strong medium-sized flakes, the likes of the haddock. It’s usually a perfect choice for those with a sensitive palate who doesn’t get excited about fishy-tasting plates of seafood.

This fish can be placed on the opposite end from sardines or anchovies. The texture and flavor will always vary depending on the kind of bass that you eat. Here, for instance, you’ll see the difference of taste between the black sea bass and the Chilean sea bass.

What Does Black Sea Bass Taste Like?

Black sea bass is a common small fish in the US. If you really love fishing, then this is the fish you would want to be hooked on. It has a delicate flavor, white and firm flesh.

Its fillet texture has unique small flakes, and its lean flesh makes it always be prone to overcooking. This results in a dry fish. With a great balance of flavor, and if cooked well, it is delicious seafood.

What Does Chilean Sea Bass Taste Like?

This sea bass usually originates from the Antarctic or South America and is considered to be richer than the black sea bass nutritiously. It is also much more forgiving when cooked compared to the black sea bass.

All this is due to its fat content resulting from living in the southern ocean’s icy waters.

Other than these two, others such as the European bass have a sweet flavor that is mild. Its meat is also flaky and fine-textured, giving you a sweet taste. Giant sea bass contains large meaty flakes that are a little fishier than their smaller compatriots.

Groupers such as the Hapu contain a white flaky meat with a delicate taste.

What You Need to Know About Bass

Bass Can Be Found in All of the Lower 48 States

The bass fish range is one of the widest of all fish in North America, and yes, they can be found in all the 48 lower states. They are very common as some of their population can be found in some parts of Canada.

If you are in the United States or across North America, be sure to find bass locally hence cutting traveling costs, and consider making fishing bass a hobby.

Just like the trout, bass fish are stocked, meaning that they are often present in non-native fisheries, making them easier to get. They are also available in their habitats- they bite shallow waters and deep and in a wide range of different environments.

Bass Fish Eat Near Enough Everything

You’ve probably wondered why anglers are concerned with what bass eat. The most important reason for knowing what a bass eats is to know what to bait it with. When dealing with an elusive and big fish, finding the right bait will help. 

Described as the opportunistic feeder, bass can feed on several things. Its meal is determined by anything that swims along its path, as long as it fits their mouths. Bass can eat baby birds, insects, lizards, shrimps, eels, crayfish, snakes, and even another bass.  One of the favorite foods for bass is the threadfin shads, probably because of their soft fins and small size nature.

The size of the bass also determines the type of food the bass will eat. Bigger bass can devour food that is almost 10 inches long. For instance, the largemouth bass found in California’s lakes mostly feed on rainbow trouts that go up to 10 inches long.

However, pond owners feed their bass, and they usually fill their ponds with fish like shad, alewives, and herrings. They are great for the development and growth of the bass fish. In ponds where these fish are not available, bass require planktons- the tiny plants floating on water, for their survival. 

To know whether your water body has planktons, you ought to check out the watercolors. Check for green, light brown tints as they indicate the presence of planktons. You can also decide as a pond owner to settle for minnows such as the bluegill, crappie, and other types of fish.

The primary source of food that the bass eat is insects. However, they shift to larger prey as they grow bigger, and this can be other types of fish. 

Are Bass the Most Sought After Freshwater Game in North America?

Considering that they are the most popular tournament fish and have the most number of anglers going after them, bass are the most sought-after freshwater fish in North America.

Nevertheless, the largemouth bass is indisputably the most sought bass in North America. They are an important predator species in their habitat.

Its competitors: the trout, panfish, catfish, and crappie, all lag far behind bass fishing, although their popularity is relatively the same. You find that most anglers who go fishing for this other species get themselves catching bass in the process.


If you are a new angler in town, then you should for sure try bass angling. It’s one of the most exciting fishing experiences you will get. 

Interestingly, with little or no experience, you can test your angling skills on the casual weekend angling opportunities and other tournaments that are spread all over the United States. 

For all the meat lovers, don’t be afraid to get a taste of bass meat. The white, flaky meat can be mouthwatering, provided you cook it well.

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